Aluminium molding by pressure

Aliuminium and zinc fusions‘ production by high-pressure. The moulds created at the customer‘s request at JSC „Milvaras“ moulds‘ production bar are used for details‘ moulding. We also use the moulds presented by the customer.


Aluminium molding by pressure

Variuos aluminium fusions selected according to the customer’s request, and products’ batches can vary from several hundred to hundreds of thousands units per year. Allowable product’s weight vary from several grams to 3 kg; The most recently used ( aliuminium alloj) is of aluminium fusions mark,   ( alloy group) of AI SI(cu)  class DIN 226; DIN 231; DIN 239; DIN 233(food) fusions. Sometimes aluminium of DIN 245 ; EN 10245 (GB-AIMg5Si) class is used, because it is extremely resistant to sea water. It is almost pure aluminum (up to 98% aluminum).

Zinc (zinc alloy) fusions of this brand ZL5 (ZnAL4Cu1) mark are used.


Aluminium molding by pressure


The biggest molding machine used by us is BUHLER 400 (clamping force up to 450 tons,moulding projection up to 1000 cm2);

The main aluminium mouldings customers in Lithuania are VICHY companys groups, JSC „Salda“,  JSC „Artilux“  and etc.

The main customers abroad from Germany are: LTS Licht & Leuchten Gmbt, from Sweden: JSC Fagerhult Belysining and Finland: I-Valo Ltd.

We mainly produce for „Fagehult Group“ companies that use the exported moldings to produce LED illuminators bodies.

We specialize in serial and small serial production. Minimum amount of details molded by pressure has to be not less than 1000 units.

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